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Tropic Travel & Tours was established in 1996, Tropic Travel and Tours is fully licensed Travel agency, incorporated in Zimbabwe, accredited with the International Air Transport Association And affiliated to the Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents. Attention to detail. A passion for results.

There are the twin approaches that have guided our business and strengthened our expertise in the competitive arena of Travel and Tours. Making travel connections is our business. We love our business. We do it well.


Through careful observation and active listening, we have come to realize that travel is not the end in itself, but a means to an end.


Do you feel the need to relax, refresh, or regenerate? Allow us to connect you to your dream tour and holiday of your passion.


Only drivers authorized by Tropic Car Rental may drive. Drivers must bebetween the ages of 22 and 70 years, have at least 2 years driving experience


Most often, your dream and passion is enriched by the presence of family, friends or business associates, necessitating the need to travel in a group.

Popular Destinations

Victoria Falls

Kariba Dam


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Anything you Like

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Water Sports

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Caravan Trips

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Cruise Transports

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